X2 Kui Buri


When I travelled to Thailand, Hua Hin, a little while ago, I was lucky to get invted by the X2 resort in Kui Buri about 40 minutes in the south. I met the architect Duangrit Bunnag who was there on vacation himself and had about twenty students with him exploring his creation.

Me in the middle, fascinated by that somehow weird but beatuiful architecture. What is very special about this site (and almost uncommon for hotels in Thailand): no trees were chopped down for the construction work. Quite the contrary: the hotel was planed around the trees, giving each one enough spaceto grow. To fit some houses in a rather small area, the architect designed domiciles that have no windows at the side, but are lit by a big front window facing the beach as well as transparent materials and open parts in the roof. Each building has a mystical pool with black tiles. Wandering around the compound, I had to stop every few metres to understand how and why the design works so well, but take a look yourself.

Text & pictures byMonja Gentschow

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