Optimal enchantment


Based in Brooklyn, New York, Jeremy Liebman‘s photographs are a study defining the subject’s unique ekphrasis. Being an instinctual photographer, Liebman nails the photography of lo-fi, unexpected and rather dumb moments of everyday life.

From his very personal works to the editorial and commercial output, his works refer on how photographs can engage with the actual while avoiding appeals to authenticity. Jeremy Liebman’s photos delve into the mechanics of vision and the complication of non-verbal communication. Afterall, his images are consciously becoming visual memoirs that emblem for what cannot be conveyed in words. Liebman will certainly remain under our radar and over the top of our favourite photographers.

All images © Jeremy Liebman

liebmann01Metronomy, 2011liebmann03liebmann04liebmann05liebmann06liebmann07liebmann08liebmann09liebmann10liebmann11liebmann12liebmann13liebmann14liebmann15
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