Sleek Surreal Photography By Petrina Hicks


Australian photographer Petrina Hicks creates sleek, simple and stylized imagery with a surrealist touch for her latest series, ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’. Named after the popular novel by French writer Milan Kundera, the collection of photos features subjects, such as women and snakes, in spacious environments and exudes a sense of calm. In a statement about her work, Hicks says she uses “seductive and glossy language of commercial photography to create artworks that probe at the false promise of perfection, exploring photography’s ability to both create and corrupt the process of seduction and consumption.”

All images © Petrina Hicks

Petrina Hicks_Photography_35Petrina Hicks_Photography_3Petrina Hicks_Photography_29 001Petrina Hicks_Photography_1Petrina Hicks_Photography_44 0025 002
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