Portrait of a Projectionist

During his South Africa tour filmmaker Philip Bloom stumbled upon an old celluloid movie theatre, the type that have almost been extinct these days. He went straight to the projection booth to meet projectionist Redwaan.

His short film called ‘Portrait of a Projectionist’ tells the story of Redwaan Fridie who is a movie projectionist at the ‘Labia Theater’ in Cape Town. Since he was seven he was amazed by the projections as he accidently happend to be in a projection booth and since then his fascination grew even bigger, for 24 years now. The sentence ‘I’ve spent more time with these projectors than I’ve spent with my family’, makes his passion pretty clear and will make you love this film, if you are somehow into cinema. It was completly filmed with Canon DSLR cameras and Bloom managed to catch the soul and passion of Redwaan in front of the camera. The film and Redwann ask the question, what will happen to this kind of film, to people like him, as everything turns digital so fast. This is all he can, this is all he knows. Being a projectionist.