Fabien Raclet


When looking at the pictures of Fabien Raclet one would not notice that the French is an absolute novice when it comes to photography. Ever since he happened to put his hands on an old Nikon Nikkormat, he has been fascinated by the analogue view through the lens.

On the one hand Raclet’s images are the subjective impressions of an unknown observer who on the other hand also manages to evoke a subtle feeling for intimacy, nostalgia and warmth in the spectator. Thus even a stranger seems naturally involved in the beautiful wedding ceremony, feels the cold snowflakes on the nose at the carnival parade and easily becomes a part of Raclet’s personal world. It is this mixture of distant observation and personal engagement, which lets us linger over his photographs and which gives rise to a feeling of empathy and participation – just like Henri Cartier-Bresson used to say: ‘To me, a ‘good’ photograph is one that compels the viewer to look at it for more than a second or two.’

All images © Fabien Raclet

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