WIN! Courts by Ward Roberts

We’ve already introduced photographer Ward Roberts with his series Billions. Now he is back, presenting his first book, named ‘Courts’. The book is a culmination of a four-year project documenting sporting courts and fields across the globe. It is filled with colour-drenched images that operate as both playful documentary studies and intriguing formal propositions. Documenting various courts, Roberts hones his focus to the dense urban landscape. Whether set against a backdrop of Hong Kong’s pastel high-rises and smog-filtered light, London’s manicured garden beds and quaint architectural details, or the concrete and brick palette of Melbourne and New York, Roberts’ photographs prove striking for their linear properties and architectural contexts. At the core of the work, however, Roberts frames the court as a kind of ‘neutral zone’ – a site of ‘shared experience and understanding’ that harbours the potential to transcend cultural and socio-economic circumstance.

Today, you’ll have the chance to win the beautiful book ‘Courts’. If you would like to win, just leave a comment in the box below. Everyone who participates will take part in the drawing for the book. The winner will be selected randomly, he/she will be announced here on Friday, October 12th. Good luck!