1. Media Award for Blogger

Recently iGNANTravel visited beautiful South Tirol and we were thinking back of the sunny mountain landscape countless times. Now you’ll have the chance to visit the most northern province of Italy and find yourself between rich culture, great food, amazing landscapes and nice people, as South Tirol Marketing is holding a contest for young bloggers for the first time.

What you have to do? Attendants must be from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. If you’d like to participate, you should hand in a blog post that has already been published and a short conecpt for a blog post about South Tirol as well as your CV. You can register online on www.suedtirolmedienpreis.it. The published blog post can consist of text, pictures, viedo or audio. The short concept should deal with the question: ‘How would you set up a blog post about South Tirol and which social media canals would you use to spread it?’ you are free to choose a topic you like. There will be three finalists who will go to South Tirol to realize their concept idea. The winner will be announces in spring 2014 in South Tirol, he will get 3.000 EUR.

A jury of five members will select the winner. Next to Norman Röhlig (i-ref), Katja Hentschel (Travelletes), Mia Bühler (Überding) and Kunigunde Weissenegger (Franz Magazine) will iGNANT founder Clemens Poloczek be one of the judges. Find all details here.