CMK x Ben de Biel

As promised, we currently follow Creative Match Kreuzberg, a festival bringing together artists and creatives with various locations in Kreuzberg, Berlin. In the beginning of this week we met Superblast in his studio who is participating with a photo series of mattresses. On Tuesday we joined the opening event, a photo exhibition by Ben de Biel.

We also had the chance to visit him during the setup of the event and documented our visit as well as the exhibition itself for you. As a photographer, ex-squatter, singer of the band Elektronauten, music producer and owner of the club Maria, Ben de Biel became a widely recognized character in Berlin nightlife. He documented this lifestyle with his camera, taking snapshots of everything and everybody. As a result he created hundreds of pictures and portraits, telling about Berlin streetlife and documenting the change of his neighborhood in Berlin Mitte. In Ritter Butzke, which is also one of his favorite clubs, he presented his unique photographs, documentig the nightlife and expressing mainly one thing: the joy and pleasure of going out and party!

The photo exhibition is part of Creative Match Kreuzberg 2012. Find the rest of the program here.