people’s meeting dome


This year’s People’s Meeting in Bornholm, Denmark, is intended to spark debate and discussion about the future of housing. With a need for a venue, danish architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen wanted to not only provide the space in which the event would take place, but also offer an independent piece that would in itself be a contribution.

The ‘People’s Meeting Dome’ is in essence a deconstructed geodesic dome, a mathematically resolved and structurally efficient shape. A geometric wooden frame composed of triangles as the smallest unit allowed the freedom to take differently sized sections and extrude, scale, push and pull them to accommodate programmatical elements as needed, in response to its physical context. The space structurally behaves the same and allows a column-less plan with small niches and crevices for seating and a stage.The connections are made with custom steel plates that allow full flexibility through modularity. Any group of triangular modules can be removed, expanded or contracted, made into a window, a door, or treated with a different veneer. All the wood used in the project is locally grown douglas pine and recycled old boards wrapping the facade in different patterns.

All images © Kristoffer Tejlgaard | Via: Empty Kingdom

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