South Tirol Impressions

In South Tirol I had mainly sunny weather, delicious food, great wine, good company and an amazingly diverse nature. If you stroll around Bozen, a beautiful little village in the north of South Tirol you might hear an interesting mixture between Italien, German and Austrian language. South Tirol has a vast cultural diversity, a long history and plenty activities to offer.

Hiking, bike tours, sled the alpin bob, pet cows, do winter sports, eat –yes, you kinda have to count that to activities- , wellness, family holidays or just realx and take a break from everyday life. The most northern province of Italy finds itself between southern flair and rustic traditions. You can see and experience a lot, though I milked cows, climbed trees (soon more on that), tasted local specialities like ‘Schlutzkrapfen’ and taste delicious Hugo, an aperitif based on prosecco with a elderberry blend and I climbed Meran 2000 -okay, we took the gondola lift-. Due to my companion Judith I was able to find out a lot about the region, for example that it has the most castles in Europe and that only 7% of the area are actually populated, the rest ist all nature. Already ‘Ötzi’, the man out of the ice knew apparently where it was beautiful thus decided to perfectly preserve himself in a crevasse. Today you can take a look at him, lying in his very own fridge in the archaeological museum Bozen. I would always return to South Tirol, if not for Ötzi, then fort he tasty food, the enjoyable atmosphere, the nature, the fresh air or the ‘Latschenschnaps’ that was just pretty damn good.
It is easiest to got to Bozen by train. I flew to Verona and arrived in the beatiful village after a 2 h train ride.

Thank you, Judith Oberhuber from South Tirol Marketing for your companionship. It was a blast.

Text & pictures by Caroline Kurze