Cinema Outfits


French photographer Candice Milon invites all cinephiles to test their knowledge about eight familiar ensembles, neatly laid out, from cult classic films. Her photo series was shot for an editorial spread titled ‘La Mode en Grand Écran’, translated as ‘Fashion on the Big Screen’, in the French magazine Sport & Style.

An homage to the imperative costume style which is essential for the movies, to identify, to connect with and to rerecognize, short to become iconic. What would Marty McFly from ‘Back to the Future’ be without his denim jacket and red puffy vest to match his sneakers and skateboard or The Bluse Brothers without their Ray Ban, dressed to suit their respective personalities.

A Clockwork Orange

The Blues Brothers


Forrest Gump

The Wild One

Rebel Without a Cause

‘Back to the Future’

Wall Street

All images © Candice Millon | Via: My Modern Met