Not About Death by Romina Ressia


When thinking of our child-hood heroes, we just never envisioned them as a mortal cultural figure growing older, weaker, and even one day, passing away. Though Argentina-based photographer Romina Ressia visualized just that in her series entitled ‘Not About Death’. The eerie photographs chronicle Superman, Snow White and Wonder Woman as elderly folks, still donning their uniforms but instead of the flowing manes and perfect complexions of comic or fairy tale youth, the characters are shown sporting grey hair and wrinkled skin, resting in their coffins after death.

The artist states: “This project explores how we stand faced to the real world, as individuals, with the baggage we bring, which has been inculcated to us through cartoons, comics and fictional characters throughout our childhood. As many other children, I have grown up with the ideals of omnipotence, beauty, physical and supernatural powers. I have been told that evil never wins; that if I am in a dangerous situation, somebody else will save me, and that all stories have a happy ending. This series explores how strongly those values and beliefs have been incorporated into the collective memory.”

All images © Romina Ressia | Via: Huffingtonpost

Romina_Ressia_Not About Death_01Romina_Ressia_Not About Death_02Romina_Ressia_Not About Death_03Romina_Ressia_Not About Death_04Romina_Ressia_Not About Death_05Romina_Ressia_Not About Death_06
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