Portraits by Luke Casey


Luke Casey shot his series ‘Portraits’ over a period of three years. It is entirely taken on film, documenting the people Casey has encountered and the often fleeting moments between them. As a combination of those close to him and total strangers, each image has a silent simplicity to it, offering insights into often fairly intimate moments between Casey and his subjects.

‘I am interested in people and that is why I began taking photos essentially. I shoot on film and on a fairly old camera so the photos are usually not so rushed. I tend to sit with the people or talk with them before I take a photo. The majority of these images are taken in a natural moments and only rarely are the portraits actually arranged and set up. I love to see how each person reacts in front of the camera though. If they feel nervous I try to find ways to relax them or otherwise present the nervousness in a nice way,’ he explains.

All images © Luke Casey

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