WIN! Stillgestellt

The book ‘S T I L L G E S T E L L T’ is a collection of photographs, taken between 2004 and 2011 on numerous travels. David Hiepler and Fritz Brunier went to Israel, Iceland, France, Lithuania and the US, to China, Ecuador, Slovenia, Estonia and Brasil to take pictures for their book. As the titel implies the book deals with moments and situations that seem to freeze time and make it stand still. If you take a closer look you might be able to discover some kind of hidden story behind these silent pictures. There is no movement in the pictures but they seem to narrate about time passing by and people waiting; for the bus, for the end of winter or for better times. The book also contains texts from Swiss philosopher Tomas Kadlcik, New York Architect Lonn Combs and Berlin based photographer Valeria Herklotz.

We are glad to pronounce that we´ll raffle one of the beautiful books to onelucky reader! If you would like to win, just leave a comment in the box below. Everyone who participates will take part in the drawing for the book. The winner will be selected randomly, he/she will be announced here on Friday, September 7th.