Interview | Klub7 #REPRESENT

Otto Baum, Mike Okay, Lowskii, Kid Cash, Disko Robot and Dani Daphne form KLUB7, a collective of designers and artists, creating their own world by painting murals, customizations and illustrations. Together they developed a collective style that combines the diverse backgrounds of the six members. They combine urban art, Pop Art, Comic and other elements of pop culture on paper, wood, textile and walls. KLUB7 aims to use diverse techniques and materials to experiment, be different and develop their unique style. Last week they painted a wall in Berlin, Kreuzberg using the hashtag #REPRESENT to invite other creatives to join them, be different and use #REPRESENT to make their outcome go public.

Who are you and what are you doing here today?
I am Dani, a member of KLUB7, a creative collective consisting of six artists and designer. We develop creative concepts since 1998. Originally we come from Halle where we studied Industrial Design and got to know each other. Only one of the guys is from Berlin and currently studying in Weißensee. We wanted to realize a project we found very interesting so we worked on a concept and developed this design. Now we are here to bring it on the wall.

What would you like to express with it?
There will be a competition for artists and groups of creatives to show their projects very soon. We don’t want to reveal much more yet but we are here to draw attention to the project. ‘Are you doing something like we do? Than come on, show your work and join us!’

How did you become a graffiti artist?
I did my Abitur on an art school and was always attracted to art and design. I met friends with similar interests, aiming to express themselves. Graffiti was the way to do it. We are very glad it turned out that well and that we are able to concentrate a 100% on it. It wouldn´t work otherwise.

How does your creative workflow look like?
At KLUB7 we are not using the exact same technique over and over again. We develop constantly and try new stuff all the time. That is part of what makes our work special. Always new, always different. We enjoy working with different patterns. At this project we chose a circle because we think it fits perfectly to this wall. Afterwards we start to develop our KLUB7 universe, design different ornaments, arrange them and thus create step by step the whole picture.

How do you develop your techniques?
We feel inspire by everything we see and everything that sourrounds us. We challenge ourselves, we paint and we draw. We walk through the city with our eyes open, pay attention to details and work with them in our pictures.

Berlin is probably very suitable for your kind of work, or?
Yes, definitely! But we also realy like to travel to get new input. We’ve been to France a lot this year, to Marseille and Paris. Travelling is always a change of perspective. Everything is new and unknown and you pay much more attention to every detail. Things that you might not even recognize anymore in your own town. We absorb everything and translate it in our own way into concepts after being back.

Since when are you in Berlin?
For 4 years by now. Four of us work in a studio in Berlin, Friedrichshein. Two of the KLUB7 members still live in Halle. We work on exhibitions and commissions. Whereas they are pretty even. Our exhibitions are also often outside of Berlin.

What other projects are you currently working on?
That would be chalk drawings. The boys were in New York for three weeks and developed chalk drawings. We really like that medium, as it’s not so permanent, you can aplly it anywhere and it’ll vanish by time.

How does a concept find its way on the wall?
Here we started with the circle and added the letters. Afterwards we paint the background then we apply the black layer. The letters are our reference point. From there it is growing until it will be finsihed. Usually we also really like to work free and develop the pattern spontaniously. That is the true KLUB7 style.

Does a project sometimes fail?
No, that never happened so far. As we are not working with some technical devices we just akways have the possibility to react and change the concept spontaniously. In the end we are always surprised by the beautiful result. you never know in the beginning how it will turn out. You just take the brush and start painting.