Maybe you´ll remember this piece from gym class where you used to give your best shot at making it over the heavy piece of gymnastics apparatus, without embarrassing yourself in front of the whole class. Today we raffle the beautifully crafted ‘Sprungbock Hocker’ in co-operation with the market place is presenting unique, valuable design products beyond mainstream and found a true classic with the ‘Sprungbock Hocker’ by Zur Schönen Linde. It´ll definitely look cool as a stool and is the perfect opener for a leapfrog-revival party. For further design tips by our editor Caro click here.

What to do to win? Leave a comment in the box below and register for the newsletter here. The winner will be selected randomly, he|she will be announced on Monday, 27th of August. Good luck!

And the Winner is Lisa Stein. Congratulations!