Fish & Chips

For a while now I want to try to cook a whole fish for Aicuisine, so when Glamour send me some recipes for a food editorial, I decided that a fish would fit to one of them. I also always wanted to make my own chips, so the idea for fish & chips was born! The recipe is very simple as you will see in the following.


2 whole fishes, disembowelled and without scales
1 lemon
olive oil
sea salt
fish spices, e.g. “Treasure of the carribean” from Herbaria
1 red onion

1l frying oil

Find a pan to fit the fish in and cover the ground with a lot olive oil, onion rings and sea salt. Put the fish into the pan and cover the inside of it with more salt and grated ginger. Now cover the top of the fish with lemon slices and more olive oil and sea salt. Put in the oven at 200°C for about 25-35 min depending on the size of the fish.

In a wok heat the frying oil. Its hot enough when you put a wooden stick in it and there are bubbles around it. Turn the heat a bit down after that. While its heating cut vegetables and potatos into slices, best use a mandoline for it, to get them really thin. If the slices are too wet, put them onto some kitchen paper first, because the more wet the slices are, the more the oil will sprinkle around the pan. Now fry all the slices for as long as they get a little brown on the sides. Put them to dry on kitchen paper again.

Now serve! Its best to cut the fish at the back, remove the skin and then get the top filet first, remove the whole grate and you can easily access the bottom filet. A good addition to it is potato mash! Enjoy your meal!

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