99 Percent Perspiration

‘Love Me’ is the message of New York based photographer and artist Curtis Kulig. He is experimenting with all different kinds of mediums to express himself, working with photography, drawings, poems and his favorite; black and white photoportraits. Kulig is probably most recognized as the man behind ‘Love Me’, a graffiti tag, sticker, and emotional imperative now found posted around cities worldwide. His works have a very repetitve character, thus function as some sort of meditation for him. In his studio in downtown, Manhattan he is creating his mostly text based pieces, evolving around his demand ‘Love Me’.
Colin Tunstall, Creative Director and co-founder of downtown clothing and surf boutique Saturdays Surf NYC describes Kulig as avant-garde in his success to put that much energy behind such a simple meaning and to turn it into a brand through hard work. He finds himself sourrounded by Kulig’s work as soon as he is leaving his home or even by looking out of his window. Avant/Garde Diaries met Colin at Saturdays’ TriBeCa office and showroom, stopping by his shop for a coffee, before meeting up with Curtis to check out his Chinatown studio to talk about his work.

Via: Avant/Garde Diaries