Striking Melancholic Portraits By Sungsoo Kim


South Korean artist Sungsoo Kim painted striking images portraying human subjects with a deep sadness. Painted in pale colors and muted tones, the subjects appear to be exhausted, lifeless and indifferent to their surroundings. What really stands out about each piece is the manner in which Kim depicts the subject’s eyes – they seem to be filled to the brim with tears and express a stark melancholy. Born in Busan, the artist now lives and works in Seoul.

All images © Sungsoo Kim

Sungsoo Kim_Art_1Sungsoo Kim_Art_2Sungsoo Kim_Art_3Sungsoo Kim_Art_4Sungsoo Kim_Art_5Sungsoo Kim_Art_6Sungsoo Kim_Art_7Sungsoo Kim_Art_8Sungsoo Kim_Art_9Sungsoo Kim_Art_10
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