Jean-Paul Bourdier is a California-based photographer who uses landscape and painted human flesh as a canvas in order to take seemingly surreal photos. Shot with solid skills his ‘Bodyscape’ series explores how we can relate to our surroundings, challenge our sensuous sights and lead us on an almost poetic journey.

The visual works he came up with are thus, a continual experiment of how we physically, rhythmically relate to this universe from the specific, intimate bodyhouse.
Bourdier has been taking these photos for the past 12 years during trips to deserts in the American West. By using an analog camera he captured the geometry of the human body with no further digital manipulation. The between desert light, body light and camera eye ‘Bodyscape’ project, is currently documented in a publication, Leap into the Blue, for which he is raising funds on Kickstarter.

All images © Jean-Paul Bourdier | Via: Trendhunter

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