Gioberto Noro


Where are we and where do the photos by Sergio Gioberto and Marilena Noro take us? The temporal dimension in these images seem irritating and coming from a distant, mysterious past, which activates our memory and at the same time brings us into a space that is waiting to be discovered.

Their work comprise a number of dualities and ambiguities like light-shade, simple-complex and culture-nature and rational-irrational. Just as their pictures Gioberto Noro is an artist couple whos work is a mixture of expressing two minds and souls, where it´s not surprising that also everything reveals itself through its own opposite. Their pictures leave room for association and considerations, at the interplay between volumes and emptiness in a world suspended in time.

All images © albertopeola | Via: minimalexposition

gioberto noro01gioberto noro02gioberto noro03gioberto noro04gioberto noro05gioberto noro06gioberto noro07gioberto noro08gioberto noro09
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