Cheese Fruit Yeast Cake

With Aicuisine and baking its always the same story. I really do wanna keep measuring in mind and write it down, but then I always end up wildly mixing ingredients until it all makes sense. Same with these 2 little cakes, that were part of a little mini brunch I made for a friend on monday. I always wanted to fill the dough I always use for cinnamon rolls with cheesecake and fruits and also took the chance to indulge in my braiding passion which work good for only of the cakes. But thats the thing with taking risks, sometimes you fail! Nevertheless the cake itself was indeed very tasty and simple. Here’s the try to break down the recipe, but keep in mind, that sometimes its better to rely on your feeling rather than a recipe. Especially with the dough its pretty simple, just add flour to it until its not sticky anymore.



· 1/2 cube fresh yeast
· 100ml lukewarm water
· 100ml lukewarm milk
· 300-400g flour
· 1 egg
· 1/4 piece of butter
· 100g sugar
· 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
· 1 pinch salt

First dissolve yeast in lukewarm water and add milk, egg and butter. Now mix all the dry ingredients and add it to the liquid ones. Knead to an even dough and let it proof for 1h.

Cheesecake filling

· 1 package cream cheese
· lemon zest from 1 lemon
· 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
· 2 tbsp confectioner’s sugar
· 1 tbsp lemon juice
· 2 tbsp baking powder

Mix everything until creamy.

Fruit filling

· a hand full: strawberries, apricots & raspberries
· 2 tbsp lemon juice
· 2 tbsp confectioner’s sugar
· 2 tbsp pearl sugar
· 1 tsp cinnmon
· 1 tbsp corn starch

Cut fruits into pieces and mix with the rest.

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Now roll out the dough to a long shape, so that one side easily fits the form. Cut the other half into 9 stripes and fold 3 braids. Now fill in the cheesecake filling and after that the fruit filling. Fold in the edges of the dough and put the braids in circles on the cake, outside to inside. Bake for 30 min and let rest a bit. Preferrably serve it warm with vanilla cream! Enjoy!

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