Electricity Inside

The Avant/Garde Diaries introduce skateboarder Kilian Martin, who moved from Madrid to California, to follow his passion for skatboarding and be free to develop his personal style. In Madrid he tried gymnastics for several years, yet quickly realized that skateboarding offered a level of expression that was much more his personal tempo.

His skating is poetry in motion, and hard evidence of athletes near the peak of their creative and physical powers. Killians skate videos generated millions of YouTube hits and sponsorships with legendary brands like Vision Street Wear and Powell-Peralta. He brings all that he learned as a young gymnast and combines it with the last thirty years of street and freestyle skateboarding. The result is an homage to the form itself, a freestyle skateboarding with artful and inspiring take on handstands, helipops, and heel flips.

Via: The Avant/Garde Diaries