KPM Berlin

When Aicuisine got approval to watch behind the scenes at KPM, the royal porcelain manufactory of Berlin it was like a dream come true as porcellain and I have been best friends for ages. I’m happy about every pretty plate and every adorable bowl I found in infinities of flea markets and home department stores. Now being able to see how they are produced nowadays and still look like they would be 100 years old and last as long.

KPM is Berlins only and oldest porcelain manufactory and looks back to an almost 250 years old tradition. Though back then, more hands where involved and less big machines, there is still this love for porcelain you can feel. Watching all these people forming, painting and controlling you realise, there is no ‘without hands’ and that manufactory which means ‘making with hands’ is still the right label for this place. I was especially fascinated by their art department. Stepping into the holy halls of the artists of this factory, you find yourself in another world, full of plants, old tapes and prime samples, every employee has created their own little space, with colour mixtures, brushes and pictures, of family and inspiration. It almost looks like their second home.

But also the manufactory itself is very impressive, with all those head lights creating a wonderful light onto everything and make a relaxing work atmosphere. I pass hundrets of plates, cups, burning forms, little mountains ot factory seconds, burning ovens and even the basement, where the clay mass is prepared. Again I feel like a little child, want to know everything and even more so, take everything home. After 2 hours I’m not a pro but I get the feeling and I understand the process and I thank Theresa who took time and lead me through the halls with knowledge and patience to fullfill this little dream of mine. Now enjoy this little trip through KPM.

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