Flickr Friday


Another week has gone by and it is Flickr Friday again. I am going to take a long bath like the girl in picture number two, to recover from yesterdays Fête de la Musique, that took place in Berlin like every year to celebrate summer and music.
What are you up to today?

Image © Andrew James

Image © Rowena Waack

Image © Jehane Yazami

Image © Cassoday Harder

Image © Steven Beckly

Image © Rory Cole

Image © Ren Hang

Image © Ilinca Zan

Image © Nika Aila States

Image © Liu Shuwei

01 andrew sea james02 Rowena Waack03 jehaneyazami04 cassoday harder05 browncardigan06 rorycole07 Ren-Hang08 ILinca Zan08 n.states09 Shu (Liu Shuwei)
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