The Shark Whisperer


Sharks have a reputation of eating pretty much anything ranging from fish and crustaceans to sea turtles, dolphins and other sharks. Some have even devoured old cans, license plates and other inedible objects in their quest to feed. Nevertheless M.K. from the mb! Magazine went on a scuba diving course with the predators of the seas.

Crates of bait in the water release irresistible odors as the slick is ever expanding with the current. Soon the first dark shadows appear under the boat and when the dorsal fins start breaking the surface behind the boat, the pool is open. There is a moment of unease when slipping off the stern, my first concern being not to land on a shark. By now around 30 Lemon and Caribbean Reef sharks circulate below us. Assuming a position as close to the bait crates as possible, I watch the sharks following the current to the source. All myths about a drop of blood creating a feeding frenzy are exposed as products of fantasies when the sharks calmly and even gently swim circles around me. They appear as curious as I am and seem not to mind a little rub to their bodies. Despite lengths up to three meters, these are not at all mindless killing machines and their peaceful grace is an eye-opening experience for all expecting to be eaten up.

Their majestic size is matched only by their calm and graceful movements. Inquisitively they move in, their large dark brown and black eyes screening their surroundings, displaying an uncanny awareness and thinking ability. A rub against the dome and gentle exploratory bites to the camera deliver the up-close pictures I came for. Carefully extending my hand, I nearly get to experience the full length on the underbelly of a large Tiger shark with my fingers. At no moment do I feel threatened by this car-sized apex predator but instead the sense of experiencing something truly special overcomes me. The beauty and perfect design of the sharks instill a sense of calm admiration and were it not under water, my jaw certainly would have dropped.

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Text & pictures by M.K.

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