Prussian Spirits Factory

Aicuisine went back in time in Berlin Wedding where this place was a school where you could learn what makes liqueur so special. Today they produce very special liqueur and it’s the last spirits factory of its kind. If you enter the holy halls of Gerald Schroff and Prof. Dr. Ulf Stahl you realise that this is a place of passion, with love for details. The rooms are crowded with copper, glass, spices and flavours. Very long they refine each drop until they fill the bottles by hand.

Like a little child I walk through the factory, smell on each bottle that says cinnamon or something flowery. Everything is like it used to be, lamps, cables, destillation containers, those big stone containers that say Wodka, Gin or M35, the well known liqueur they produce for Hotel Michelberger. With their very own vacuum destillation almost all the flavours are preserved, what makes them very interesting for cooking, too. I look especially forward to my first cinnamon rolls with their cinnamon liqueur I bought in their factory sale. Especially impressive is their drug fragrance organ with about 230 fragrances and flavours from flowers, herbs, beets, barks and seeds, their base for all the compositions. Standing in front of it you instantly want to be a composer yourself.

The Prussian spirits factory is opened for visitors Mo-Fr 11-7 where you can try and buy all their liqueur at a very special, massive old bar. Now enjoy a little trip to the past.

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