Yasena Popova/Urban Insects

In the Urban Insects series I seek the hidden meaning of the objects existing in our urban environment. Through my work I’d like to show that everything can be seen from another point of view and nothing is unequivocally. In the present project my objects are vehicles – different types, serving different consummation. I photograph them from an unusual perspective – asphalt perspective. In order to shoot them I lift them to the appropriate hight – every vehicle in a specific way. For the little ones – bicycles and motorbikes – I use man power. For the autos – I visit car repair shops. In order to shoot the bigger ones, as the excavator and the truck, I have to be on a construction sites using construction cranes. For the locomotive I used jack-ups. When viewed from below, the machines resemble huge insects. The complex tangles of powertrain look like the organs of a living creature. I paint the systems in colors and the machines are brought to life.

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