World Untouched

“World Untouched” by David Esquivel: “It’s hard to fully comprehend what the world is from our perspective. While it seems to be never ending, half of a speck of dust in the scale of the universe is all our existence as a whole amounts to. With my paintings I try and show the magnitude and the fragility of our landscape and existence.”

2017-03-01_58b6df7723a21_EmeraldOrchard.jpg 2017-03-01_58b6df77239ab_Barnum.jpg 2017-03-01_58b6df7723a8b_Guilin.jpg 2017-03-01_58b6df7723af0_KingKaisPlanet.jpg 2017-03-01_58b6df7723bb7_NourishPass.jpg 2017-03-01_58b6df7723b53_Marathon