Things Around Me By Roland Vörös

The series ‘Things Around Me’ by Roland Vörös is about the significance of our material culture in the evolution of our identity. In his series Roland Vörös portrays his own environment, places that have a special significance for him, and highlights objects from the same sphere, which can be important factors for ones personal identity.

2017-06-26_5950bd7ae5704_VrsRoland_Dolgokkrlttem_01_web.jpg 2017-06-26_5950bd7ae5771_VrsRoland_Dolgokkrlttem_02_web.jpg 2017-06-26_5950bd7ae57e1_VrsRoland_Dolgokkrlttem_03_web.jpg 2017-06-26_5950bd7ae5851_VrsRoland_Dolgokkrlttem_04_web.jpg 2017-06-26_5950bd7ae58b4_VrsRoland_Dolgokkrlttem_05_web.jpg 2017-06-26_5950bd7ae591e_VrsRoland_Dolgokkrlttem_06_web.jpg