The Invisible Realm By Felipe Posada

The series ‘The Invisible Realm’ by Felipe Posada is about a dimension where conventional laws of physics have no definitive ruling effect. Through his work the artist revisits concepts that have fascinated and intrigued him since he was a child. The results, often unpredictable, are compositions filled with symbolism and hidden meaning.

2017-04-14_58f0e2cb13874_EphemeralEmbraces.jpg 2017-04-14_58f0e2cb13733_Dusk.jpg 2017-04-14_58f0e2cb13bcd_LegendsofTheFall.jpg 2017-04-14_58f0e2cb13ab4_InTheClouds2.0.jpg 2017-04-14_58f0e2cb1399f_Escape.jpg 2017-04-14_58f0e2cb13cd1_Relic.jpg