Southern Province By Babis Kougemitros

The series ‘Southern Province’ are the outcome of a three-year photographic wandering of two photographers –Vassilis Konstantinou and Babis Kougemitros – in their places of origin: the provinces of Achaia and Arcadia respectively. In the context of this wandering, the photographers direct their gaze and lens to things simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar, focusing on the intermediate zones between the past and the present, the old and the new –zones still coexisting in the countryside. This is a photographic endeavour of remapping not only the familiar landscapes of childhood memories –landscapes now in a state of radical transition– but also of the people dwelling in them and cultivating the earth.

2017-09-03_59abe37b8228f_SouthernProvince_BabisKougemitros01 2017-09-03_59abe37b82381_SouthernProvince_BabisKougemitros03 2017-09-03_59abe37b8231b_SouthernProvince_BabisKougemitros02 2017-09-03_59abe37b82449_SouthernProvince_BabisKougemitros05 2017-09-03_59abe37b823e7_SouthernProvince_BabisKougemitros04 2017-09-03_59abe37b824aa_SouthernProvince_BabisKougemitros06