Shape Of Form By Maciej Dziekan

The series ‘Shape of Form’ by Maciej Dziekan is a visual narrative, within which one discovers photography as a tool for drawing space – frequently also by means of light. The unusual vantage points lead to the derealisation of locations, transforming them into a world existing somewhere over the other side of the mirror. Each of the depicted moments has been “hunted down” with precision, as if the mysterious portal to the fourth dimension had been opened only at that very instance.

2017-06-24_594e87949ee81_001_ShapeofForm_MaciejDziekan.jpg 2017-06-24_594e87949eef3_002_ShapeofForm_MaciejDziekan.jpg 2017-06-24_594e87949ef5a_005_ShapeofForm_MaciejDziekan.jpg 2017-06-24_594e87949f030_009_ShapeofForm_MaciejDziekan.jpg 2017-06-24_594e87949efc1_008_ShapeofForm_MaciejDziekan.jpg 2017-06-24_594e87949f094_09_ShapeofForm_MaciejDziekan.jpg