Shade By Pia Schiele and Ben Medansky

The collaboration between Ben Medansky and Pia Schiele blossomed out of the sharde passion for shapes. Whilst Ben expresses himself in ceramics Pia uses photography as her medium. The series ‘Shade’ combines their mediums in this collaboration

2017-07-16_596b502dde0c9_PiaSchiele25.jpg 2017-07-16_596b502dde056_PiaSchiele24.jpg 2017-07-16_596b502dde113_PiaSchiele38.jpg 2017-07-16_596b502dde198_PiaSchiele41.jpg 2017-07-16_596b502dde1fd_PiaSchiele43.jpg 2017-07-16_596b502dde262_PiaSchiele51.jpg