Portrait Of A house By Emilian Hinteregger

The series Portrait of a House by Emilian Hinteregger captures the Haus Hofer – a modest and rural dwelling, linked to small scaled agriculture and it is home to a large family. Now, on the edge of generational change, the house is caught in a vacuum between a defining past and an uncertain future. It either is of much economical value anymore, nor is it of any historical interest.

2017-06-27_5952054338812_3h.jpg 2017-06-27_5952054338891_4h.jpg 2017-06-27_5952054338905_8h.jpg 2017-06-27_5952054338973_9h.jpg 2017-06-27_59520543389dd_12h.jpg 2017-06-27_5952054338a44_13h.jpg