Plasticgenesis By Micca Teo

‘Plasticgenesis’ by Micca Teo is a magnified version of a single cell, made entirely with man-made materials, initiating the birth of a plastic organism. It tells its own story, articulately and magnetically, giving the audience a view into the reproductive womb of a plastic universe.

2017-05-19_591efde98ee1f_plasticgenesis_01.jpg 2017-05-19_591efde98ee9f_plasticgenesis_02.jpg 2017-05-19_591efde98ef19_plasticgenesis_03.jpg 2017-05-19_591efde98ef93_plasticgenesis_04.jpg 2017-05-19_591efde98f010_plasticgenesis_05.jpg 2017-05-19_591efde98f06f_plasticgenesis_06.jpg