New Furniture Collection for La Casa Encendida

La Casa Encendida is a social and cultural centre in Madrid. With an open and dynamic nature, it showcases the most avant-garde artistic expressions. The goal of this project was to create a versatile meeting point, revitalizing a disused space and ensuring it complied with the values of the organisation: engagement with society and respect for the environment. The space consists of large tables which encourage to teamwork through their geometric and minimalist design in line with the centre’s philosophy. It recovers the spirit of the neighbourhood and connects people’s interests. The organisation’s values had a direct influence the choice of materials. As it is made from residues that are not considered “noble” and the aim was to reclaim it as a potentially beautiful material that, MDF was chosen. Design revolved around the optimal utilisation of materials and ensuring pieces last over time. The fabrication came from Madrid-based artisan Photos: Yuichi Kimura

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