Far From The Sea By Alessandra Tecla Gerevini

‘Far From The Sea’ by Alessandra Tecla Gerevini  is the visual diary of someone who has never lived close to the sea, but finds it to be soothing and mesmerizing. In this project, the sea is as much a physical place as it is an imaginary space where the photographer can question herself and practice self-acceptance.

2017-04-18_58f65f0b4c062_Gerevini-Alessandra-2.jpg 2017-04-18_58f65f0b4bfef_Gerevini-Alessandra-1.jpg 2017-04-18_58f65f0b4c20f_Gerevini-Alessandra-6.jpg 2017-04-18_58f65f0b4c1a6_Gerevini-Alessandra-5.jpg 2017-04-18_58f65f0b4c13b_Gerevini-Alessandra-4.jpg 2017-04-18_58f65f0b4c0d2_Gerevini-Alessandra-3.jpg