Familiar Ground By Tiziana Gualano

‘Familiar Ground’ is a series by  about her homeland: “Where I was born, where I grew up. I’ve been taking pictures about it since I started with photography, but only in these last months I’ve focused on the beauty of summer burning fields of the south of Italy.”

2017-07-20_5970b7f449b3d_tizianagualano7.jpg 2017-07-20_5970b7f449adb_tizianagualano6.jpg 2017-07-20_5970b7f449a7a_tizianagualano5.jpg 2017-07-20_5970b7f4499f1_tizianagualano4.jpg 2017-07-20_5970b7f44998a_tizianagualano2.jpg 2017-07-20_5970b7f449919_tizianagualano1.jpg