The Garden of Her Delights By Kate Cox

The triptychs ‘The Garden of Her Delights’ photographed by Kate Cox are a description of the universal everyday life of the monthly menstrual cycle and its three markedly powerful phases. The cycle is visualised through the eternal language of flowers and blooms and a careful flower selection by Worm London and art directed by Hedieh Anvari for Ooh Any Day Now.

2017-07-20_5970b833ebd6e_A1of3-OohAnyDayNow-MenstrualCycle-Pre.jpg 2017-07-20_5970b833ebdda_A2of3-OohAnyDayNow-MenstrualCycle-During.jpg 2017-07-20_5970b833ebf0b_B2of3-OohAnyDayNow-MenstrualCycle-During.jpg 2017-07-20_5970b833ebeab_B1of3-OohAnyDayNow-MenstrualCycle-Pre.jpg 2017-07-20_5970b833ebe40_A3of3-OohAnyDayNow-MenstrualCycle-Post.jpg 2017-07-20_5970b833ebf6a_B3of3-OohAnyDayNow-MenstrualCycle-Post.jpg