Ewan Cashman / Pumpal Lamp

Drawing inspiration from the wooden childhood toys his Mother used to make, Berlin based British designer, Ewan Cashman took these same playful, interactive elements to inform the design and structure of this standing lamp. Using nostalgia and familiarity to invite one to interact with the lamp, the entertaining spinning form becomes an object of functionality too. Through the lamps ability to rotate 360 degrees the user is able to control the type, quality and direction of light that fills the space. A section of the wooden pole, or the lamp ‘handle’, is substituted with light diffusing plexiglass, underneath which lay LED lights. A hollow concrete base forms the stabilizing element of the lamp. Through the difficulties of designing a seamless detail between the two elements, an interesting connection between the materials occurred. Pumpal (Bulgarian for Spinning Top) was first exhibited as a winner of ‘New Talents Award’ at DMY Design Festival in Berlin earlier this year.