Broken light

When I turned eleven I became more conscious about my body. It just started with my flappy ears but over the years more and more body parts entered the list of way I felt insecure concerning my looks. Like an oil spill it spreads and spreads and it’s very hard to get things back to the way they where before. Even though I never thought of myself as too thick or too thin, there where a lot of other things to obsess about. I’ve used myself as a model in earlier work and when I din’t like a part of my body I would modify it in photoshop. Recently I started to realise that was a big part of the problem way I felt so unsatisfied with myself. I never learned to love myself for how I really am because I was to busy obsessing over what could be better instead of acknowledging the beautiful things. I used to blame the media but that’s just hypocritical. It may be part of the problem, but it’s not all of the problem.

Broken light Broken light Broken light Broken light Broken light Broken light