Brass Rail Shelving By Ryan Taylor

Made with materials as beautiful as they are robust. This is not only a statement piece — it’s a functional work horse. The 27″ wide solid sapele shelves can hold up to 100lbs (45kg) each — perfect for your collection of heavy art books or simply as space for decorative items to look their best.

2016-12-02_5841910b8f918_IMG_1980-2.jpg 2016-12-02_5841910b8f980_IMG_1990.jpg 2016-12-02_5841910b8f9e0_IMG_2002.jpg 2016-12-02_5841910b8fa3f_IMG_2055-2.jpg 2016-12-02_5841910b8fa9d_IMG_2106-2.jpg 2016-12-02_5841910b8fafc_IMG_2113-2-2.jpg