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Kanstantsin Remez Designs An Austere Beige Apartment In Belarus, Titled Ratomska

Kanstantsin Remez

The latest project by Minsk-based architect and interior designer Kanstantsin Remez is ‘Ratomska’, an L-shaped apartment located in Belarus that features a monotone palette of beige and light-colored wood, and statement furniture pieces.

“The design combines austere straight lines and objects made of limestone, with the floor, walls, and ceiling finished in a warm wood,” Remez tells us. The apartment follows an L shape, with a kitchen and living room, a balcony with a small dining area, and a master bedroom with an en suite. A notable feature of the apartment is the wooden wall panels that give texture and depth to the spaces, and the lack of curtains: “Instead of curtains, we made panels consisting of wooden frames and a translucent cloth,” Remez says. “The panels make the design clearer and create a secure atmosphere of abstracting from the cityscape by concentrating on the intimate.”

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All images © Kanstantsin Remez

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