Contemplating The Eternal Beauty And Strength Of Platinum With La Prairie

Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation
Six N. Five

Swiss high-end skincare brand La Prairie has launched a luxurious new skincare collection—marked by a rejuvenating formula infused with a platinum multi-peptide, a powerful enhancer of rejuvenation. IGNANT production has captured the sensorial experience of the ‘Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation’ collection, through a series of computer-generated images by design studio Six N. Five that depicts the properties and ideas driving the compelling, age-defying product range.

The ethos behind the house of La Prairie is built on the notion that time is flexible, relative, and perpetual. Their new rejuvenating skin care line is a tale of eternity that merges scientific innovation with rare ingredients. To mark its launch, Six n Five in collaboration with IGNANT Production, designed a series of computer-generated images that emphasize the key components of its sophisticated narrative—science, platinum, and gravity. Sleek and architectural, the CGI imagery—still or suspended quasi-statically—hovers in mid-air as twirling sculptures float daringly, transforming the collection into a display of sophisticated elements. It is an ever evolving cosmic dance and a vision of beauty with no temporal limits.


The luxurious range consolidates the best of La Prairie’s groundbreaking rejuvenation technology, which is developed at the Clinique La Prairie in Montreux, Switzerland. Forging a combination of potent peptides, the laboratory uses cutting-edge biotechnological research to invigorate epidermal stem cells and activate the skin’s natural healing power. The formula is inspired by the namesake and sought-after precious metal Platinum—a daring and exclusive noble metal; it is an emblem of excellence and has been the pinnacle of opulence for centuries. Originating in the distant universe, where time is suspended and gravity is extreme, Platinum came to Earth in a meteorite shower more than four billion years ago.

The collection pauses the passing of time in one enchanting moment of beauty.

This enigmatic glimmering metal carries its own dimension of time—a ‘Platinum moment’ reinterpreted by La Prairie as a time for renewal and a time for oneself. Treasuring the platinum’s potential as an anti-aging element, the unprecedented formula contains a trailblazing platinum multi-peptide that triggers the body to begin a loop of regeneration—as the instantaneous becomes infinite, rejuvenation begins. A distortion of the space-time continuum, the ‘Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation’ range also defies the rules of gravity and its effect on the skin, pausing the passing of time in one enchanting moment of beauty.


– In cooperation with La Prairie

Visuals by Six N. Five for IGNANT production

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