Alexey Gulesha’s Rendered Beach Hotel In Odessa Is A Room Of Contrasts

Beach Hotel in Odessa
Alexey Gulesha

Designer Alexey Gulesha from the Ukraine-based studio Sivak+Partners has visualized a unique hotel’s interior: ‘Beach Hotel in Odessa’ is a cave-like room concept based on a visual and tactile contrast of details.

The 136-square-meter interior space has been designed as the first part of a large hospitality project on the beach in Odessa, Ukraine. Inspired by James Bond movies from the ‘80s, Gulesha intended to create a luxurious environment that would “show a contrast between the brutal cave-looking walls and the many cozy corners and zones in it.” To achieve this, he reinterpreted ideas of comfort with minimal and thoughtful earth-toned interiors and unexpected materials chosen through a method he describes as “tactile contrast”. The designer matched different materials—stone, wood, metal, and glass—to magnify the contrast of sensations and remind people that the visual appearance of an object doesn’t always correspond with how it feels when touched. “For example, the Cini Boeri armchairs look like a cold piece of glass, but they are surprisingly comfortable when you sit in them. The glass is curved so ergonomically that it even seems soft,” explains Gulesha.


Designed as a half-rounded structure, the space features a bed and bathtubs overlooking the beach—these are conceived as a hot spring, emerging smoothly from the floor. The bath area is divided from the toilet through a smart glass wall which becomes opaque during its use. A workspace with no drawers serves only for minimal needs, such as calls and emails, engaging visitors into activities related to the beach and the natural surroundings. Behind it stands a rock wall with a hidden shelf, a deliberate metaphorical detail: “I like how the steel desk cut this big slice of rock and emphasizes the contrast between human technology and the power of nature.” Finally, a small kitchen for personal needs and a lounge area for reading and unwinding complement the room’s unique interior.


Images © Alexey Gulesha

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