Tosin N°1

The Photography Of Jácint Halász Is Raw, Experimental, And Sexually-Charged


Jácint Halász is an emerging Hungarian-Transylvanian photographer based in Berlin. His provocative, stylized body of work explores the eroticism of the human form and the playfulness of sexuality, with staged images that brim with confidence, tenderness, and aesthetic sensibility.

Halász’s main focus is creating artificially constructed scenes that have an ethereal feel to them. However, capturing the photo is only a small part of his work: “I’ve always been fascinated by the creative flow—that pure state of mind that I have to pay close attention to,” he tells IGNANT. “My passion lies in creating things from scratch; from building my own set design and crafting my own props, to setting up the lights, and adding final touches in post-production”. Self-assured and in control, his evocative compositions are styled down to the most delicate and precise details—subjects are directed to twist and turn, or to pose and play with sensuality: sometimes with props such as glass, roses, or belts; other times, with their bare bodies alone.

Halász is intrigued by the persuasive nature of the camera. “I love the way people are willing to step out of their comfort zone, and reveal and submit themselves for the lens,” he says. The themes he explores are often considered provocative for mainstream audiences: BDSM culture and sex appeal will “regularly split the viewers’ opinions,” he admits. Yet Halász’s work is tasteful, and draws in the observer with its softness. His portfolio is one to watch, indicative of a photographic movement that champions new narratives of sexual freedom.

Ashanti N°410
Ashanti N°417
Ashanti N°429
by Jácint Halász
Jacob N°1 by Jácint Halász
Jacob N°2-3-4 by Jácint Halász
Bound N°1
Human furniture N°2
Tosin N°1
Human furniture N°872
Jacob N°1 by Jácint Halász
Jacob N°2-3-4 by Jácint Halász
The Three Graces N°9
Jacob N°1 by Jácint Halász
Human furniture N°798

All images © Jácint Halász

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