Esrawe Studio’s Sleek Shelves Draw Inspiration From Scaffolding, Rietveld And Mondrian


Drawing inspiration from an unusual source, Mexico City-based design firm Esrawe Studio has created a limited edition collection of asymmetrically structured shelves titled ‘Trama’.

Premiered at the 2019 Zona Maco design festival in Mexico City, the ‘Trama’ collection is designed to resemble scaffolding; the shapes of the three shelves a contemporary take on the temporary structures put up around buildings to give tradespeople access to the various levels during restoration. Hector Esrawe, the creative lead of the design studio, explains that he has always found scaffolding, and their transient nature, beautiful. Drawing from the gridded structure, but rendering it in a refined way that recalls the geometric work of Rietveld and Mondrian, the sophisticated shelves have been released in limited lots of 20—and unlike the temporary nature of their building counterparts, are sure to be permanent fixtures in the homes that they end up in.


All images © Esrawe Studio