Adjustable Paper Blinds Made From Folded Recycled Paper

Paper Blinds
Natchar Sawatdichai

London-based Thai designer Natchar Sawatdichai makes fully functional interior products and furniture out of paper. Her series ‘Paper Blinds’ is a set of patterned color blinds that can be adjusted to different lengths.

Sawatdichai’s decision to use paper as her primary material stems from a desire to counteract throwaway consumer habits. “Paper is often overlooked and not commonly used in home decoration, because of its low-value appearance and doubts of its durability”, she explains. To create the custom-made blinds, Sawatdichai cuts and crease paper using a machine, and then folds and glues the different patterns by hand. She then attaches a cord and a pulley to allow the user to alter the height of the blind. The entire process takes up to seven hours for a singular blind. Sawatdichai’s sustainable method aims to change our approach to the disposable material, by “replacing ‘over-qualified’ materials in home decoration with paper, [thus] considering environmental and usage issues.”

All images © Natchar Sawatdichai