Daniel Kamp Integrates 3D Printing Into His Sophisticated Design Pieces


New Zealand born, Hong Kong-based designer Daniel Kamp fuses industrial and organic forms with new technologies to create striking and diverse projects; from interiors and furniture to objects and lighting.

Kamp established his eponymous studio in 2016 to expand his unique approach to object and spatial design. His practice is characterized by his sophisticated minimalist pieces that toe the line between design and art, object and space, and humanity and nature. Kamp experiments with various production methods, including 3D printing technologies and handcrafting techniques. The first collection Kamp designed after starting his studio is titled ‘Poise’, a set of 3D printed titanium cutlery. In the short time since then, Kamp has created multiple limited edition pieces: including ‘Anchoring Transience’, a brass and rock sculpted interior object, and ‘A Crude Coexistence’, a black steel chair featuring a large natural rock. In a previous interview with Idealog, Kamp has explained his motivations for integrating 3D printing into his work. “We live in a post-industrial society… I’d really like to think we can move away from mass production of these homogeneous, lifeless objects and spaces and get to a place where things are more bespoke, more loveable, and cherished for a longer period of time.”


All images © Daniel Kamp